I’m Digitising Jonathan Glover’s book, What Sort of People Should There Be?

I really enjoyed this book when I read it about 8 years ago. I wanted to read it again but it’s out of print.

This is an attempt to make it into an electronic version, eventually into an eBook. You can read it on a small screen quite happily, or add it to a reader like Pocket. If you look at it on a big screen it’ll break the text up into pages and put the scanned page that the text came from next to the HTML text.

The readable part is here.

I’m doing the transfer via a very simple Jekyll site with a GitHub repository that’s here.

All the content is in _includes/ and then it’s own file (named in an obvious way).

If you spot a spot an error then submit an issue or a pull request. If it’s a small thing then you can do it through the GitHub interface, no need to download the code.

There are lots of little things like commas that should be full stops and vice versa. There is missing formatting like italics or footnotes. The only way to catch these things is to go through the text and check it manually.

I’ve emailed Jonathan Glover and his publisher about this, but I haven’t heard back. However there is a PDF download on his site, so I have assumed that he’s happy for the information to be free.

I’d love some help with this!