Hi there 👋, I’m Ben Doherty

You can hire me if you like!

  • I’m currently working on:

    • Walden Pond, a personalised magazine. (:octocat: front end, back end is full of secrets 🧙‍♂️)

    • Design Computing A UNSW course in the Computational Design degree that teaches how to use Python to do useful things, and how to explore public data and tell stories with it. (:octocat: profile:). We’re about to go into the course’s 5th iteration, and a whole new cohort is about to join.

    • Pronoun badge (:octocat:) a way for you to add pronouns to your GitHub readme just like this:

I also have a website at notionparallax.co.uk 🐷

And a much neglected meetup: Sydney computational design group

I tweet a bit from @notionparallax and @WaldenPondZine

profile for Ben at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

📖 You can Stalk my reading here 📚

I have an account with the hellsite: