I’m interested in indoor location tracking. It’s something I’ve come to care about by accident. Knowing where people and things are in spaces allows us to make those spaces better.

There are two sides to it all: If a person can know where they are then they can find their way around, or they can merge digital stuff with physical stuff. If I can know where people are then I can build patterns of behaviour for simulations and that kind of thing. Trouble is, both are hard, and both are still fairly new.

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There’s nothing in there just now, so you get to be able to say first whenever you feel like it. Maybe just in public, like on the bus, in a lull in conversation, that kind of thing.

I’m going to try to cover all the latest stuff (Easy this week with all the stuff coming out of IO), some old stuff that’s still interesting, academic papers that are important and I might throw in a random but interesting thing from somewhere else completely.

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I’m going to try to get the first one out in the middle of next week, and then they’ll be weekly from then on.